Welcome to Coventry Diocese Mothers' Union website. 

Mothers’ Union is a global, women-led volunteer movement. United in our diversity and living out our faith, we support individuals and families to transform their lives. 

Embedded in the Church and community, we have unprecedented reach that gives a voice to the stigmatised and vulnerable around the world. You can find out more about the work of the Mothers' Union Worldwide at  www.mothersunion.org but this website is concerned with Mothers' Union in Coventry Diocese.


We hope you find it interesting and informative, perhaps even inspiring you to consider joining us?  We have branches spread across the Diocese, or,  if you do not have a branch near you, you might like to be a Diocesan member.

Dates for 2022

Transformation – NOW!

Jan 7th-9th            Reimagining MU Conference

Jan 19th                 Trustees’ Away Day: 10am (coffee) for 10.30-3pm.  Venue TBC

Jan 24th                 Deanery Chairs, Branch Leaders / Contacts, Treasurers and other branch officers’ meeting:

                                9.45am (coffee) for 10.15 – 12.15 via ZOOM

Jan 29th                 Commissioning Service: St John Baptist, Berkswell at 11am

Feb 28th                Diocesan Officers’ meeting and Deanery Chairs: 9.45am (coffee) for 10.15 – 12.30, followed by lunch. 

                               Venue TBC

Mar 21st               Trustees’ Meeting 9.45am (coffee) for 10.15–1pm – 1 Hill Top, Coventry (Board Room)

Mar 25th               Lady Day Celebrations

Mar 27th               Mothering Sunday

April                       MU (MSH) Diocesans’ Chaplains Day TBC

April 10th              Holy Week

May 5th                 Trustees’ Meeting 9.45am (coffee) for 10.15 -1pm. Venue TBC

May 9-11               Canterbury Provincial Conference for DPs (or rep) High Leigh, Hertfordshire


More dates to follow!