Away From It All

This is a holiday scheme organised and funded by Mother’s Union members in the Diocese.     One of the purposes is firstly to help and support families who are struggling often in emotional ways and who would benefit from a break away and  for financial reasons are not able to have a holiday..      Secondly it may be possible to help groups enjoy a day out together.


Each application has to be accompanied by a recommendation from someone known to the applicants, such as a Vicar, social worker, or a doctor.


Requests can be sent to Mothers Union Afia, 1, Hill Top, Coventry, CV1 5AB or by email to or

Application forms can be downloaded here:


The basic criteria is that you have not had a holiday for three years and you have not had a holiday through AFIA before.


Our funds are limited but we encourage you to apply if you meet the listed criteria.


In the past we have been able to send families away for a few days to a holiday camp and a group of youngsters  enjoyed a night away in Blackpool with their leaders.