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I enjoy working with children. I feel privileged to lead Sunday school, I also organise family celebrations within my local church and support weekly performances of open the book to children in a local junior school. I am a member of the PCC. I enjoy playing tennis and try to keep active as much as possible.

I was introduced to Mothers' Union very early in our marriage and I must admit before I joined I didn't know much about Mothers' Union and it was only by personal invitation from the Branch Leader that I became involved. What attracted me initially was its support of marriage and family life underpinned with Christian values.

On attending my first branch meeting it became very clear that Mothers' Union could provide not only a social life of its very own but also the tools to make a difference to many people's lives. I also enjoyed the fellowship and worship that our monthly meetings provided.

During those early years, I was introduced to the virtual baby project and also became interested in the parenting courses that Mothers' Union provides. This in turn fuelled my eagerness to gain a qualification through Mothers' Union to become a Facilitator. I recognised the many benefits parents would achieve by attending a course; the opportunity to meet like minded individuals, quality time to share common problems and perhaps, form long lasting friendships.

As a Facilitator, I feel a great sense of achievement knowing that these courses support families through difficult times, as well as confirming to parents that it's okay to feel tired, confused or stressed because family life today is one of the biggest challenges that we face.

I am so proud of the work and funding Mothers' Union gives to such a worthwhile cause and it continues to inspire me as this commitment not only touches hearts within our own communities but reaches across the world. I am convinced that these courses provide families with security and certainty for a brighter future and this knowledge will be passed down to the next generation.

With this in mind I feel sure that when Mary Sumner held her meetings all those years ago that facilitating would have taken place. I am confident, therefore, that the role of today's facilitator will continue to evolve in very safe hands.

I hope by reading my personal journey that Mothers' Union will inspire you to become a Facilitator!

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