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Through development of faith, we deepen our relationships with God and each other, articulating and translating our faith into action.  Our faith runs like a river through Mothers' Union and, like water, it finds its own shape.


Within the Diocese of Coventry, our faith is developed and strengthened through Prayer, Regular Meetings, Church Services and Quiet/Reflective days that take place during each year.


A Prayer Diary is produced for each month, and there are several Emergency Prayer chains that regularly accept prayer requests via phone.


We maintain Midday Prayers and a Wave of Prayer around the world, linking each diocese in the UK and Ireland with several overseas in a cycle of prayer over a five-day period.


For Mothers' Union policy means creating positive change for families in society.


  • Consultations from and lobbying of Parliament and MPs on family issues

  • Representation on the UN Commission for the Status of Women, with representatives attending each year to submit evidence on a particular subject.


Mothers' Union work at all of these levels and brings the additional tradition and voices of the Christian faith to the debate.  Tradition that insists basic needs such as clean water, shelter, food, healthcare, education and respect for human dignity are everyone's right and responsibility.


International Policy - As a worldwide organisation, Mothers' Union represents a diverse membership across the world facing a range of issues.


To read more visit the Mothers' Union central website.



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