Kenilworth Deanery

During current restrictions Deanery Prayers for our locality continues to be each third Tuesday 1.30pm – 2.30pm as we pray from home or wherever we are. We can pause during this time to pray for the needs around us and for family life and communities in our area.

Kenilworth Deanery has Mothers Union Branches in Kenilworth at St John's and St. Nicholas.

All Saints, Leek Wootton has a Mothers Union Friendship Group and Mothers Union in Kenilworth Deanery is also linked to churches through the Diocesan Members.

The Deanery Chair is Janet Jackson.


Our branches, groups, or churches where there are members host in turn an annual Deanery Festival: All the MU members within our Deanery can meet for a service followed by eating together.

Branches and diocesan members are linked through MU events in our area.

Jenny Taylor hosts monthly Deanery Prayers on 3rd Tuesdays 1.30pm at her home: We pray for needs on our heart, our church communities as they support families and relationships and for those who have met with adversity.

Most months we also contact and pray for a church, group of churches or school in our deanery. This meeting is also a time for friendship, networking and refreshments together.

Kenilworth Deanery Report from Janet Jackson for February 2022


I served as deanery chair for quite a few years and for the first years as joint chair with Jenny Taylor.

I now serve as Kenilworth Deanery Coordinator.


This is following our MU Kenilworth Deanery committee’s decision to disband as a committee and have me continue with a coordinating role as needed. We came to this decision due to increased bank charges for charity accounts like ours and as our treasurer Alison was due to step down with no one else to take on the role.


We thought the main function of our MU Deanery Committee was coordinating and that this could be undertaken by one person.


Last year before Mothering Sunday, Jane Hill sent a letter about collections for goody bags for mums such as those linked to Coffee Tots.  The aim was to bless lots of Mums in our communities, by treating them to a “goody bag” on Mothering Sunday. This led to our deanery secretary Alison forwarding a letter from me about collections in our deanery with my place as drop off point. The lovely bags of goodies were then taken to Jane ready to be passed on.


In the autumn, with Alison forwarding my letter, I coordinated collections in our deanery following the request from Jane about the Carriers of Hope appeal for refugees from Afghanistan. Our garage filled up until the warehouse had space for them and then, with my husband Peter’s help, we took them to Coventry at an agreed time.


For Remembrance Sunday in Kenilworth ‘MU Kenilworth Deanery’ places a wreath. The two branches do and pay for this alternatively each year. Our MU deanery secretary has organised this and I will take on receiving the invitation and forwarding it to the appropriate branch to organise and undertake.


When doing future co-ordinating for collections I would expect to contact our two branches in Kenilworth – St Johns and St Nicholas and the Diocesan Members Friendship Group I’m part of for All Saints Leek Wootton.


I wouldn’t plan to contact the other diocesan members in the deanery as Val Brant already keeps us well informed and we don’t need too much info arriving. If info about a diocesan project went out via Val Brant and deanery coordination was required, perhaps there could be contact for deanery coordinators and mine would be Janet E: so individual members if they wanted could find out further details like drop off.


Janet Jackson (Kenilworth Deanery MU Coordinator)