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Bishops Tachbrook

146 St Chad, Bishop's Tachbrook, Warwick

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Mothers' Union 140th Anniversary Commemorative Tree

Bishops Tachbrook branch decided to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the Mother's Union by planting an oak tree in the village.  It took some time to get permission to plant one from the Parish Council, then it took over 4 months for a tree guard to be made and delivered, by which time people were going on holiday and Summer is not a good time to plant.

So 10th September 2017 was chosen for the tree planting, following the morning service.


The tree idea was really the vision of oldest member, Kath Reason, so while Diocesan President Jane shoveled soil, Kath held the tree. The Vicar blessed it and Branch Leader  Jenny Lister introduced the ceremony.  The icing on the cake was when Felix, the 2 yr old son of youngest member Kat,  watered in the tree.

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