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Forthcoming Events

Update on 25/3/2020 - This is the current schedule but more events are likely to be cancelled due to the ongoing social distancing and isolation recommendations.

Mar 22nd              Mothering Sunday.  You can find service resources at

Mar 25th               Lady Day Service, Exhall St Giles,  11am

CANCELLED.  Here is the service which was planned for Lady Day.

Mar 30-Apr 1st   Canterbury Provincial Conference for DPs (or rep) High Leigh, Hertfordshire

April 28th              Diocesan Chaplains’ Day

May 5th                 Trustees’ meeting: 6.30pm (coffee) for 7-9pm – The Parish Room, St Mary’s Church, Cubbington

May 13th               Members’ Evening: 6.30pm (coffee) for 7pm – 9pm – St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne


May 22nd             “Thy Kingdom Come” Service, Coventry Cathedral 2pm

CANCELLED.  However, you can watch the 2018 service at

June 15th-19th     Leadership Conference, High Leigh, Hertfordshire. See Article from Families First

June 27th              Quiet Day led by Bishop John at The Octagon, St Mary Magdalene, Lillington 10am coffee for 10.30 to 3pm

July 1st                   Trustees’ Meeting: 9.45am (coffee) for 10.15–1pm – 1 Hill Top, Coventry

July 17th – 22nd   Pre-Lambeth Hospitality – Bishops and spouses in Coventry Diocese


Aug 9th                  Mary Sumner Day: celebrations, services, prayers etc. in deaneries and branches

Sep 15th                Trustees Meeting: 6.30pm (coffee) for 7-9pm – The Parish Room, St Mary’s Church, Cubbington

Sep 25th – 26th    General Meeting – Belfast

Oct 10th                 Members’ Day 10am (coffee) for 10.30 – 3pm

Nov 16th                Trustees’ meeting: 9.45am (coffee) for 10.15–1pm – 1 Hill Top, Coventry

Nov 30th               Advent Service 11am

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