Information for Members regarding Quiet Day from Rev'd Pam Gould

Dear friends,


I do hope you are keeping well, and safe, in these strange times which by now seem to have become a new normal.

I have some good news to share with you.  Earlier this year Bishop John had kindly agreed to offer members of MU a Quiet Day. Of course, all plans for us gathering together to enjoy this have had to be put away for the future.  However, we have come up with an alternative plan which should become a beautiful occasion for far more of us, as so many now have computer skills we would never have dreamed of until very recently.


So we are to be offered our own Quiet Day Retreat - on Saturday 27 June. Bishop John has prepared three reflections along with an opening and a closing video.  It is suggested that you watch the reflections at 10am, 12 noon, and 2pm.   You will be able to listen to these reflections at the designated times on any device that has access to the internet.  Alternatively, if you prefer, you will be able to download the reflections (not the videos) to your device.  However, Bishop John asks that everyone still tries to listen to them at the designated time if at all possible. 


You will receive a link from Nicola to the relevant page on the diocesan website in advance, but the page will be available only on 27th June. 


The Bishop would like you to be aware that these reflections are ones which he gave for the online retreat he led on Saturday, 6th June.  I am certain that you will find them helpful and full of meaning, and he will be beginning and ending the time with an introduction and epilogue just for us.


I believe that this Quiet Day will prove to be a blessing to so many of us, possibly far more in number than would have managed to attend a more traditional gathering. And we can of course each be creative in how we use the time and space - do you have a special place in your garden where you can go for times of reflection? And can we all maybe build in a MU Mid-day Prayer slot at 11.50, so we can be aware we are all praying together?


Meanwhile, I am aware of how so many of you continue to pray, to support one another and other church and community initiatives.  I of course hold you in my prayers, and look forward to a time when we can meet together, though possibly in smaller gatherings than those we have enjoyed in recent years.


Every blessing,    Pam


I will endeavour to add any resources which I think will be useful to members during these challenging times.  If you have anything which you would like me to add, please send it to me at


See Mothers' Union central website for these resources at


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COVID-19 Projects

I've created a new page to collect all the patterns for headbands, bags, masks, scrubs or anything else people are knitting or sewing for the Covid 19 effort on the MU diocesan website so that they are easier to find. 

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