Onley Prison Report February 2022

Heather and I have been back at the prison this year. Sadly at Christmas the prison was under a Code red meaning it was closed completely to visitors, which meant that sadly we could not have the planned family days when we were going to give the vouchers to the dads to give to their children.

So this year when visits opened up again we have been giving the vouchers to families before they go into the prison and they have all been very appreciative. We have given out 40 vouchers totalling £400.00 and we have £40.00 left with which we plan to buy Easter eggs which hopefully will be able to be given out at an Easter family day if the prison is fully open again.

PACT mentioned Mother’s Union Coventry Diocese in their news update which was very encouraging and they are very appreciative of our support.

Thank you. God bless Lynda x